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The Founder

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About Kate

In her day-to-day life, Kate fulfills various vital roles and responsibilities. She's not only a dedicated wife and mother but also a co-founder of the Angelically Blessed non-profit organization, working alongside her husband, Christopher Thurman. Kate is the accomplished author of "Walking in my true divine purpose" and a co-author of a chapter in the SSY2HU Anthology. Moreover, she serves as the

co-producer for "You make a difference" television and is the visionary founder of the "Faith safe haven women's ministry." Together with her husband, she co-owns CKT Logistics, and she holds a mortgage loan originator license covering all 50 states. Her journey is marked by a wide array of endeavors and valuable contributions.


Faith Safe Haven
Women's Ministry

Through this ministry, our aim is to establish a nurturing sanctuary for individuals who have endured various forms of abuse and silently grapple with mental health challenges, whether due to financial constraints or personal choice to not engage with licensed therapists.


Our aspiration is to provide a compassionate, nonjudgmental haven where individuals can freely share their experiences without fear of repercussions, knowing that we are here to lend a supportive shoulder and a listening ear, ensuring they can unburden themselves without hesitation.

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We address a wide spectrum of issues, to include, but not limited to:  Sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, grief support, divorce, mental health, and custody challenges.

We serve:

  • Girls and Young Women (Ages 5-18)

  • Women (Ages 19 and up)

  • Grief Support- We welcome anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or friend, and seeking someone to talk to cope.

  • Single parents- A similar approach is taken, with a focus on assistance with accessing valuable resources to navigate life situations.

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